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Posted by Mayor-A - August 21st, 2021

well I can no longer comment on the images of users but that does not mean that I can not contact me with the users of the platform take it as a different point of view, normally in the comments I do not make them very long because I do not like so, but as this is a blog I can make them long, to start the first art I saw is of the artist 

first to


I really had an orgasm when I saw your image and I hope your project goes well.

second to


good bitch, I like the drawing, excuse me if my language is too rough, I literally have the language of the street, but it is a good drawing although I am not convinced by the brooch that has in the hair is in my opinion something ugly, but everything is in my opinion.

third to


I don't really like the art style and the design of the ghosts seems too materialistic to me being that ghosts are incorporeal, but it has a goth with a nice ass so I can't complain too much.

fourth to


I'll hang that delivery girl for throwing pizzas, unless they're pineapple, I'll crucify her while her whole family watches.

fifth to


you know what they say, 1 masturbation and you sleep well all night haha. it's a good image even though it's just a blurred phone, very simple if you ask me.

sixth to


those guys are uglier than a kick in the balls, not even their mother wants them. this image is good, it reminds me of the typical group of losers you find at school, very good image.

seventh to


I really don't like it, I see it and I don't like the design of this guy, in my opinion he looks a little effeminate and a little bit the typical annoying character of a series that only serves to make the joke of the moment, the only thing he said is that I don't like the design, only that if you don't like my comment read the one of anyone else, someone will like the design but I don't like it.

eighth to


what a nice frog, don't you want to jump on my stick?

the truth that this pretty drawing and I like it I will give it to my favorites, first the design is well done and has these small details pleasing to the eye, this very well the drawing.

ninth to


I already know who I will marry.

the truth is that it's my wet dream to have enough pokemon cards, i like those pieces of shit, i want to have them, but i just don't have the money.

tenth to


I think I've seen that cat, if I had seen it from a porn parody I would remember it, well it's a pretty simple but cute design, I don't like it but it's very good.

eleventh to


good design, let me make a fan art on a dead tree I call it a drawing book and I'm looking for a sketch on my dead tree I call it a sketch book

twelfth to


it took me 2 weeks to unlock samus with her bikini or so i think it is, if you ask me if it was worth it i will say yes as long as i can see samus' ass it was worth it, it was worth it. jokes aside it's a good picture and reminds me of my childhood, i already want to play metroid dread.

thirteenth to


not greeting is bad manners idiot.

I like it, reminds me of forager, they already released the multiplayer version... it would be a good excuse to download it again.

fourteenth to


where so combed?

I like the dog and I think that evolutionarily they don't need the hair since they are naturally fire so it is obvious that they would be losing it as the generations go by.

fifteenth to


I told you my friend, I wanted to pee so bad that I did it in a bottle, where did I leave the bottle?

I was waiting for a drawing like this to say those words thank you 5 stars.

sixteenth to


I guess now I'll be able to use his school tuition money on a new console.

I don't like the design and the animation looks a bit meh to me, but I laugh at the joke that popped into my head.

seventeenth to


say hello to your uncle sherek

the drawing is very nice, but please I want to greet your uncle lady ogre.

eighteenth to


look he is transforming into a stage 13 Saiyajin who can use the infinite kame hame rasengan.

very good drawing

nineteenth to


the n***a always ends up being the strongest.

I've been banned for saying n***a, very good drawing, but what's that bracelet he has for?

twentieth to


I don't have a joke for that.

in my opinion I think your drawing is very boring and I can't really give you a joke although that's the least of it, although it's with your complicated style to achieve it's too simple in my opinion.

twenty-first to


you really like to have variety in your harem.

look I'm your fan, I just like your drawings.

twenty-second to


damn this level doesn't end! damn geometry dash!

very good drawing and very good style, although the design in my opinion is ugly, that geometry dash level improves it.

twenty-third to


in today's episode, our heroes have found the house of the hot woman 5 km away in this house where they will surely not steal all her organs.

very good, but in my opinion it's a bit empty, I would have liked a lava lake to fill in.

twenty-fourth to


I don't have a joke, sorry.

nice design, I like your hat but I don't like it that much either, it's a very nice image.




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